Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cook Book Crack Down Vol. 2: Williams Sonoma Simple Suppers

So here comes the next cookbook to crack down.... Williams Sonoma Simple Suppers. This little book was picked up a while ago and has sat on my shelf ever since. I felt like I should give time to this reputable brand cook book, so after thumbing through I found a few decent sounding recipes. As a side note, I would like to mention that this book (along with many other Williams Sonoma) books can be found at discount stores such as Big Lots and half priced books.

Starting out, the book is filled with vibrant, large photos of the dishes. You might be fooled by the size of the book, however it contains approximately 45 recipes. Also featured is a useful section in the back that is chocked full of information about pantry staples and kitchen tools, among other things. My favorite part of this entire book is the organization of recipes by time. Let's face it, we don't all have the time to spend mulling away in the kitchen. This book is broken down into 30 minute, 15 minute and, my personal favorite, the more to store section. The convenience of knowing about how long the recipe should take is like knowing how many times Rachel Ray is going to say "EVOO" throughout her show (if you knew that, then you probably wouldn't even bother watching). Although we are all guilty of having a few hiccups while following a recipe, the general time frame can be taken into consideration.

For this crackdown I have chosen to make six total dishes. I will start off with a pasta dish ( penne with basil and pine nuts), then move on to two beef dishes (beef and asparagus stir fry and steak piperade), next to lighten things up a bit will be a salad (Vietnamese chicken salad), a classic (herbed turkey meatballs) and finally a wine craving (chicken in orange Riesling sauce). This variety is a bit of everything from the book. I will be sure try all six recipes and promise not to lose interest like my last lackluster book of choice (lame).

Check back tomorrow for the first recipe-- penne with basil and pine nuts!

TTFN-- Abbie

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